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This gets very complicated, since drive setup and power to tires needs to brought. Back suspension can be divided into solid and independent suspension.

Solid axle suspension:

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Problem: Problem with solid axle setups is making sure that axle does not get bended from all the forces on it. If it does, chain will keep falling off the axel sprocket. Other problem of solid axle is that when one back tire is in the air so is the other one. Almost all of new SUV’s are switching to independent axle.

Independent axle suspension (very complicated to setup):

Double A-arms – All of today cars have some type of double A-arms system. They ensure that tires grab dirt all the time. They are very complicated to setup, and you should make top one little bit shorter. For this you will need to use U-joints. [picture]
U-joints - some people use U-joint instead of chains. This is great setup but unfortunately expensive. I think that each u-joint is about $50, if you get them off an old car that is great You could even try using CV joints from the old cars.
Trailing arm – Older cars used to use this system. Problem with this is traveling distance that tire can go. But keeping chain from falling off is very complicated. This is what I am using [picture]

Problem: Problem with independent suspension is to make sure that chain stays on. This can get very complicated and though to build. You are twice as likely to have problems with this then the solid axel setup. If the chain falls off on every bump, it will drive you crazy. 

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